Awake yet? Once you awaken, you can't go back.

We are a community with a purpose.

A Community with Purpose

We grew out of a small local community in Dallas, Texas that started with a school board race. It turns out, our messaging resonated with people all over the country. Not only that, we discovered others were doing exactly what we were doing. At TheAwakening.Community, we are a platform to connect, mobilize, & share – a place to safely share best practices, knowledge, and resources…a place for those seeking understanding and to grow, support, dialogue, and a never-ending pursuit of truth. There are private groups for your organization, there are courses from trusted sources to learn and grow in unconventional ways, and so much more!

YOU are not the product!

The reason Big Tech and Big Social offer their platforms for “free” is because you and the data they collect on you are the product. Data is the new gold. While we want to be savvy and take advantage of modern technology better than the bad guys, we vow to protect this space.

We love free-enterprise and want everyone to make money. It is our hope this will be a platform that sparks all kinds of money-making ventures! To get off the ground, this platform is offered for free to our community. Because there are costs involved in hosting, maintaining, content management, and proper programming, we may in the future charge a small fee, but we are still working all of that out. For now, enjoy!

Social Media’s Original Intent

In our community, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. In so many ways, the social media environment has become wretchedly toxic. It’s our heart’s desire to provide a rich, full of life environment to get good information and connect with valuable, talented Patriots. There is no bullying or profanity of any kind here. Debate? Yes. Harsh realities that are sometimes a challenge to face? Yes. Hateful rhetoric? Nope. There is a terms of service and as a private entity, we reserve the right to remove someone for any or no reason.

Can you make money on this platform?

Absolutely. As mentioned, we are big fans of free enterprise and entrepreneurship. We are still working out the details on this portion of the platform, but it is our hope to support, enable, and equip Patriots in all kinds of ways to boost the bottom line. We want to spend our money and resources with those who build up this great nation, not tear it down. Poverty and debt are prisons that we long to see ALL people truly FREE from. If we can help make that happen, we want to!

Topics or Buckets Addressed in Our Community

Political/Government Awakening

Many people see through the political games being played. We're not falling for it anymore! It's time to expose the puppet masters and fit the government back inside the Constitution at all levels. Are your family and friends awake? This is the war of our time and we need EVERYONE to care, or our country is a goner. Our community can help equip you to engage in difficult conversations in a loving and meaningful way. Did you know that our founders saw our rights coming from God and the Constitution is written in order to protect them? That is a subtlety, but wildly important.

Educational Awakening

Bureaucratic, top-heavy, monopolistic, and overpriced public education institutions are producing more and more citizens who know less and less. Let's talk about the new wave of free market solutions to education and break our children free. Educating the next generation properly is paramount to a healthy society and we have a LOT of work to do here. Our children need us like never before.

Financial/Economic Awakening

Financial literacy is at an all-time low. Kids graduate college with massive student debt and are incapable of paying it back. Self-reliance and independence must be passed on to the next generation. Debt is slavery. Student loans and credit cards are NOT "free money." With cash rarely in our pockets anymore and the financial world changing, how can we still teach the next generation the value of a "dollar" when the monetary system is changing before our eyes?

Big Tech & Big Social Awakening

As tech giants grew, we handed them more and more of our private information. Now, they're using that data for profit and censorship. Our view of the internet has been skewed through what they want us to see. That's what TheAwakening is all about--little by little exposing the TRUTH, even when it's hard to reconcile. But that's the ONLY way meaningful change comes--by facing the truth and getting in the trenches. We have the opportunity to be better than EVER!

News, Media, & Entertainment

The business model for news has changed and agenda-driven narratives have poisoned this once-trusted institution. There's a reason they call it "television programming" and it's time to wake up! What "news' sources can we trust anymore? It's hard to know. We share and discuss in the hopes of finding the gold and not a lump of coal. A practical process for evaluating and determining truth from delusion is more important than ever.

Spiritual/Religious Awakening

Are churches preaching the Word of God with discipline or do they skip the difficult parts? Are they equipping their people for the times we're living in or are they shying away from the realities of this world? Are they afraid to offend and miss out on donations? More and more people across the globe are getting back to God, seeking Truth, and fulfilling His purpose. There's a BIG difference between "religion" and an intimate, loving relationship with the Living God. In this place, we are about building HIS Kingdom, not our own, and some of the ideas may surprise and excite you! ALL are invited, few accept the invitation.

Health, Food, & Fitness Awakening

Consumers have been lied to as we wake up to the health problems associated with processed foods, endless pharmaceuticals, and reactive, not proactive healthcare. Food is fuel for the mind and body. What's up with our food supply? What's truly up with vaccines? We are not anti-vax, but we are against Big Pharm being in bed with politicians and doctors to push lies that make them rich and us sick.

Work/Business Awakening

Humans are designed to sow their gifts and abilities out into the world. Our culture has lots sight of the beautify of hard work and what it does for us mentally, emotionally, and physically. We have made idols out of recreation (wining and dining, golf, tennis, shopping, travel) and by doing so, they've lost their ability to restore us. REST is SO much sweater following HARD work and perseverance. It's time to choose to work, whether we actually need to or not.

Family, Relationships, & Society Awakening

What impact has Hollywood, video games, social media, and public policy had on the family unit and society? It's time to discuss their impact and reverse these dangerous trends. When the stability of the family erodes, so does the culture. Can we make the nuclear family cool again? Is there a place for an alternative family? You bet! Let's discuss the various ways this can look and people can thrive.

And more...

These are but the few initial topics we will discuss. But what are you curious about? What facets of life are you waking up to question? What are you beginning to question that needs explored? Join today and lets talk.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, is by invitation only. If you know someone involved with, please discuss the idea of joining with them!

Absolutely not.  The reason Big Social is free is because you are the product they sell to others.  That doesn’t happen here.

This community provides free access to an online community filled with rich content, research, discussions, paradigm shifts, tools, and a tireless pursuit for understanding and truth. Here, you have the opportunity to foster deep relationships and connections with people and groups that are awake and watching the world closely. Stay tuned because as time goes on, there will be products and courses available for free as well as for purchase. For now, this site is by invitation only.

Originally, everyone was going to be auto-enrolled in The Awakening Affiliate Referral Program where you could earn commissions on the sale of products and courses.  The idea being you could invite your friends and family to join with your unique url found in your Affiliate Dashboard. That may still happen at some point as we work to cover our costs, but for now, this Community is by invitation only.

TheAwakening.Community is a project of Liberty Restoration Publishing, Inc., which was founded by and is owned by author, speaker, publisher, and digital marketing consultant, Jason W. Hoyt. As life circumstances took Jason on another direction, he passed the ball to Mark and Kelli Macatee and they now work in partnership with Kelli’s HUB.

JASON: I miss the original days of social media before they went south. I used to engage in great conversations, offer and consume important information, ask questions, learn from others, challenge my own paradigms. Today, I feel I’ve shared too much private information with Big Social and now I believe they’ve abused my trust. Not only do they censor speech but conversations today are filled with Karens, antagonists, trolls, communists, and those unwilling to engage in respectful conversation. My goal is to make online communities great again.

KELLI: I absolutely LOVED what Jason was doing with TheAwakening and was an early adopter. I’m a working wife and mom who wanted to do my part in fighting for our great nation and all she stands for. I stepped out on a limb and ran for my local school board. While my race didn’t result in obtaining the seat, an incredible group of people were mobilized through the effort. It became something SO much bigger than just me and we wanted to continue what we started. That’s what this community is rooted in. Patriots coming alive, staying connected, and able to mobilize, share information and resources, create templates, and repeat!